SSRS Subscription List

If you need to get all SSRS that has a Subscription.

SELECT SubscriptionOwner = u.UserName
,ScheduleName = sch.Name
,ReportName = c.Name
,ReportPath = c.[Path]
,ReportDescription = c.[Description]
FROM ReportServer.dbo.Subscriptions AS s
INNER JOIN ReportServer.dbo.Users AS u ON s.OwnerID = u.UserID
INNER JOIN ReportServer.dbo.[Catalog] AS c ON s.Report_OID = c.ItemID
INNER JOIN ReportServer.dbo.ReportSchedule AS rs ON s.Report_OID = rs.ReportID
AND s.SubscriptionID = rs.SubscriptionID
INNER JOIN ReportServer.dbo.Schedule AS sch ON rs.ScheduleID = sch.ScheduleID
ORDER BY u.UserName