Invoice Me

Afterowl Invoice Me is a FREE Windows application. It’s a stand-alone 3 mb .exe file. If you’re a business that needs to keep track of your products, services and/or need to create invoices this application will do it for you.

Why is this free? Because most of the common needs that I see from small businesses is to have a simple invoice program without distracting functionalities that will never be use and the best part is this is FREE and tiny is size.

The steps to get started is very simple and quick.

Fill in a few information about your customer and your customer setup is done. Search all of your customers quickly by thumbing through the rolodex to see snippets of the customer. Click on the customer and at a glance you’ll see how much profit you’ve earned.

Adding a product has never been so easy. Type in the product name, description, and price. Click on any for image boxes to upload your very own product image and click add. That’s it!

Searching for a product is as easy as typing in the product name or thumb through your catalog.

Quickly create Invoices by clicking– typing is optional. All you have to do is to pick a customer from the drop-down-list. Add a product from the drop-down-list and click create invoice and you’re done! Just that easy and fast. Ready to print the invoice? Just click print and you’re done.


Download Invoice Me

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